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"I miss the scent of your hair—you stink, kissing your head when it goes near, and holding your hand when we walk around."
— Him. Who else?

First of all, I have my reasons. If I don’t want to let you know, then I have reasons. Just respect it. Leaving that thought aside, I think you have no right to react such way. Although you have the right to be disappointed because I kept things from you, it doesn’t mean you have the right to even argue about it. It’s my choice and definitely, not yours.


Anonymous asked: Your themes are really great! Neat and awesome. Is it ok if you’ll have a tutorial ‘bout how to make one? Please :)

Wow, like wow. Thank you so much! That idea sounds great, maybe I could make one as soon as I find myself some time to make this. Just stay tuned! Thank you so much, I really appreciate this!

Anonymous asked: it would be nice of you if you could share your last theme instead if you can’t make a public one.

This might sound so selfish, but I really can’t do that. For personal matters, I suppose. But on the other note, the way I made the previous theme is way too complicated that it may confuse users if it has to be customized. Either I’ll make it a premium public theme or most probably, do some modifications on that code if I have time. Sorry! I hope you understand.

Anonymous said: you could make some free themes. it would be really nice of you.

I actually would love to, but unfortunately, I’m too busy with school. I can’t find time to code for a theme since I’m mostly coding for my lab activities. I’ll try to find some time.

Anonymous said: I’m insecure with my best friend

Anonymous said: hello ate :) I’m a senior now and I want to ask if is computer science is hard by first year?

Hi! I’m still a freshie though, but I think some senpais around here can help me explain. As for my opinion, if you really want to take up that course, you should be at least good in math, reasoning and most especially in terms of logic. Yep, logic. Too much analysis how the codes work and everything. But I’m pretty sure you’ll do well as long as you love the course!

Anonymous said: Random Question here! lol Which kind of guy do you prefer, the silent type or the bubbly one? :)

Hello! Wow, this is quite hard though. Choosing between soft-spoken and bubbly ones would be quite hard because I can cope up with either of them. But that depends though! I’d go with bubbly ones who are actually quite shy, I don’t know why. Hahaha!


We can go to places.

he’s a little guy, but incredibly charismatic. he’s truly an outstanding libero.

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