Hello, dear bloggers! I would like to apologize for being inactive. I'm very busy with college; however, you can still contact me even if that's the case. Don't worry! I update my blog every now and then but unfortunately, it wouldn't be as often as it used to be. Would love to hear from everyone soon!
— Jean, mjcsarmiento

Feeling Friday Week:

  • Monday: Darcy’s Place until 7:30 PM
  • Tuesday: Gaisano Mall until 9 PM
  • Wednesday: Jelly Citea until 10 PM
  • Thursday: Jelly Citea then Gaisano Mall until 10 PM
  • Friday: Jelly Citea until 8 PM

And I’m basically broke. (cries)


Anonymous said: you could make some free themes. it would be really nice of you.

I actually would love to, but unfortunately, I’m too busy with school. I can’t find time to code for a theme since I’m mostly coding for my lab activities. I’ll try to find some time.

Anonymous said: I’m insecure with my best friend

Anonymous said: hello ate :) I’m a senior now and I want to ask if is computer science is hard by first year?

Hi! I’m still a freshie though, but I think some senpais around here can help me explain. As for my opinion, if you really want to take up that course, you should be at least good in math, reasoning and most especially in terms of logic. Yep, logic. Too much analysis how the codes work and everything. But I’m pretty sure you’ll do well as long as you love the course!

Anonymous said: Random Question here! lol Which kind of guy do you prefer, the silent type or the bubbly one? :)

Hello! Wow, this is quite hard though. Choosing between soft-spoken and bubbly ones would be quite hard because I can cope up with either of them. But that depends though! I’d go with bubbly ones who are actually quite shy, I don’t know why. Hahaha!

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Ciphers Dance Crew Team Building @ Mahan Garden Resort, IGACOS
Photographer & Post-processed: Airish Yap
Date: July 24, 2014

Still airing:

  • Ao Haru Ride: A hint of comedy and tragedy in a romantic environment. It’s a good one! Might as well read the manga because I cannot wait that long!
  • Barakamon: At first I thought it would be boring with all those calligraphy stuff going on. But eventually, it’s fun and I swear, you can’t get enough of Naru! Such a cutie!
  • Haikyuu: Still watching this every week despite the fact that I finished the manga (but still ongoing though) because this is by far my favorite sports anime!
  • Sword Art Online II: I was so addicted to SAO back then and it was a good thing that GGO has finally come to the point of animating it. Sinnon is so awesome! (And to think that her seiyuu is the same as Celty’s!)
  • Tokyo Ghoul: This. Is. Awesome. That’s all I can say. Because it’s really cool, I’m amazed.

Still watching:

  • K: Wow, I haven’t done watching this! I’m basically almost done, but I actually forgot where I stopped because of all the plot twists. Makes my head hurt though, but it’s awesome!
  • Kyoukai no Kanata: Reminds me of TMI, but terminology is quite different. My classmates have been telling me to watch this, so I did and forgot where I stopped… again. Hahaha!
  • Yowamushi Pedal: I’m into sports anime, so I thought this might be good. I never thought cycling anime and comedy would have harmony! I’m actually looking forward to different character developments!

What I finished:

  • Nisekoi: My kind of genre! RomCom! I actually ship Kirisaki x Ichijo but I don’t mind when it comes to Onodera, she’s pretty fine too. And I might read the manga too! (Who would’ve thought that there’s another one who owns the freaking key?)
  • Kokoro Connect: My classmates have been telling me that I should watch this and basically, I ended up scarring myself because this anime is worth a shot. Most of the people, especially teenagers, will definitely relate to this one. And someone told me to watch this to understand a current situation which I’m probably into right now. (I think haha.)

AdDU Computer Studies Division Sportsfest @ Ebro, Jacinto St.
Photographer: Jemerson Canaya
Post-processed: Jean Sarmiento
Date: July 20, 2014

Watch video here (Dance Showdown)

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