Ciphers Dance Crew Team Building @ Mahan Garden Resort, IGACOS
Photographer & Post-processed: Airish Yap
Date: July 24, 2014

Still airing:

  • Ao Haru Ride: A hint of comedy and tragedy in a romantic environment. It’s a good one! Might as well read the manga because I cannot wait that long!
  • Barakamon: At first I thought it would be boring with all those calligraphy stuff going on. But eventually, it’s fun and I swear, you can’t get enough of Naru! Such a cutie!
  • Haikyuu: Still watching this every week despite the fact that I finished the manga (but still ongoing though) because this is by far my favorite sports anime!
  • Sword Art Online II: I was so addicted to SAO back then and it was a good thing that GGO has finally come to the point of animating it. Sinnon is so awesome! (And to think that her seiyuu is the same as Celty’s!)
  • Tokyo Ghoul: This. Is. Awesome. That’s all I can say. Because it’s really cool, I’m amazed.

Still watching:

  • K: Wow, I haven’t done watching this! I’m basically almost done, but I actually forgot where I stopped because of all the plot twists. Makes my head hurt though, but it’s awesome!
  • Kyoukai no Kanata: Reminds me of TMI, but terminology is quite different. My classmates have been telling me to watch this, so I did and forgot where I stopped… again. Hahaha!
  • Yowamushi Pedal: I’m into sports anime, so I thought this might be good. I never thought cycling anime and comedy would have harmony! I’m actually looking forward to different character developments!

What I finished:

  • Nisekoi: My kind of genre! RomCom! I actually ship Kirisaki x Ichijo but I don’t mind when it comes to Onodera, she’s pretty fine too. And I might read the manga too! (Who would’ve thought that there’s another one who owns the freaking key?)
  • Kokoro Connect: My classmates have been telling me that I should watch this and basically, I ended up scarring myself because this anime is worth a shot. Most of the people, especially teenagers, will definitely relate to this one. And someone told me to watch this to understand a current situation which I’m probably into right now. (I think haha.)

AdDU Computer Studies Division Sportsfest @ Ebro, Jacinto St.
Photographer: Jemerson Canaya
Post-processed: Jean Sarmiento
Date: July 20, 2014

Watch video here (Dance Showdown)



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